Monday, May 10, 2004

Monday, Monday, la, la... la, la, la, la...
Well, it's Monday once again. The weekend was good -- but never long enough. We had a lot of family time over the weekend; shopping for Mom with our children, a modicum of yard work, playing in the pool (meant cleaning out the green slime so we can swim soon) -- and just hanging out together as a family. Enjoyable and rejuvenating!

Mother's Day was quiet and relaxed. The children & I cooked breakfast for "Mama" yesterday morning. You know -- you have no idea what someone does on a day-to-day basis until you step into their shoes. A loving mother who is committed to her family is a thing to treasure. Thinking of my wife and my mother, and the time they've spent taking care of a family, is truthfully the only thing that makes me want to write poetry. Unfortunately, I'm a horrible poet, so I'll leave that to Hallmark, American Greetings and the like. One thing that I can write with much sincerity is -- THANKS Mom! (to both my Mom & my wife as a Mom). You are a gem and I love you both.

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