Thursday, December 11, 2008

Site of Child's Skeletal Remains Confirmed

A few minutes ago, I reported that FOX35 (and WFTV9) had incorrectly reported the site of skeletal remains found by a utility worker this morning. I have now confirmed that my pinpointing of the site was correct. Here is a overhead shot of the site, from's news helicopter. If you look at the map below, you can clearly see the area I marked as the site is indeed correct.

As I type, Orange County Sheriff's Department officers are preparing to remove the duct taped trash bag, bones and any other evidence from the scene. I also overheard a reporter saying that Sheriff Beary is going to execute a search warrant on the Anthony home and property. Some reports say officers are possibly looking for a shovel.

Presently, the Anthony's are on a flight back from California. They should arrive in Orlando within the next hour or so.

The discovered remains will be sent to FBI headquarters for identification. Due to their proximity to the Anthony home, it is likely that the bones found are that of Caylee Marie Anthony.

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