Thursday, November 27, 2008

Allegheny College Violates Their Mission Statement

It's time to tell Allegheny College that their censorship is not only irresponsible, but violates the tone and verbage of their Mission Statement. That statement reads:

Allegheny’s undergraduate residential education prepares young adults for successful, meaningful lives by promoting students’ intellectual, moral, and social development and encouraging personal and civic responsibility. Allegheny's faculty and staff combine high academic standards and a commitment to the exchange of knowledge with a supportive approach to learning. Graduates are equipped to think critically and creatively, write clearly, speak persuasively, and meet challenges in a diverse, interconnected world.

What a load of crap!
Censoring the "exchange of knowledge" regarding abortion is not, in any way, promoting "moral and personal responsibility". Also, how can a student be taught to "think critically" when the idea that abortion is fine, well & good is the only idea openly expressed -- and all competing ideas are censored?!?

I truly hope that the Allegheny Christian Outreach, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ford Chapel Deacons, Hillel, Newman Organization, Islamic Awareness Society, and Sojourners Christian Fellowship are all "raising Cain" with the staff of The Campus for not only censoring the literature offered by Human Life Alliance, but also for STEALING their money.

I would encourage everyone to contact Allegheny College to complain about the censorship and theft. There are also a few other people who need to be contacted regarding this issue:
  • Gretchen Symons, Director of Student Activities:
  • Kate Gullatta, Assistant Director of Student Activities:
  • Barb Steadman, Director of Public Affairs:
  • Penny Frank, Assistant Director of Public Affairs:
  • Thomas Hughes, Editor of The Campus newspaper:

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Anonymous said...

The college newspaper has said they'll run the piece.