Friday, October 31, 2008

Real Christians CANNOT Vote for Obama

I'm going to come right out and say it - Real Christians CANNOT vote for Barack Obama! Although I'm not THE person to judge a person's commitment to Christianity, I believe (with everything in me) that any true, Bible-believing, God-fearing, Jesus-worshiping Christian cannot -- under their beliefs and faith -- vote for Barack Obama. Let's look at a few reasons why -- whether black, white, red, yellow or green -- NO real Christian can, in good faith, vote for Obama...

Let's face it. Obama is on record voting for abortion, even the most heinous of procedures, partial-birth abortion. He even voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act -- which would save lives of botched abortions -- those where the baby lives to be born. Obama's vote would have thos children murdered as well.

The Bible is clear - Homosexuality is a sin. Never mind the politically correct bunk you've been brainwashed into believing. Homosexuality is wrong. Therefore gay marriage is wrong. Yet, Barack Obama not only supports homosexuality, he wants our five and six year old children to be forced into celebrating and embracing homosexuality. He even hired one of the gay agenda's lowest lowlifes, Kevin Jennings, to work for his campaign.

Although the story has been told several times over the past two years, it is finally catching traction only this week -- B. Hussein Obama's friendship with Rashid Khalidi, a known terrorist apologist and anti-Israeli pundit, along with several others.

Call it what you want, but when you spread the wealth, tax the people and remove capitalistic and democratic values from a society in the way Barack Obama plans to "change" America, it's socialism.

As such, any person who calls themselves a Christian would be "a house divided" if they were to vote for Obama. As the Bible says, we cannot serve two masters. From his words, deeds and proposed policies, we KNOW that Barack Obama cannot truly be a Christian. Therefore, he must be serving someone other than the God of the Holy Bible and Christianity.

Therefore, real Christians cannot vote for Obama -- and still say they are living by their beliefs and faith. The two are incongruous.


Anonymous said...

Your kidding, right? My, your just a bundle of misinformation, aren't you? Let's see what we can do.

1) NO-ONE is "for abortion", but if you are against abortions, don't have one. But don't presume to tell others what they can or cannot do. As for Obama, he voted agianst this particular bill because it didn't have a provision for the exception of the life of the mother. Sounds reasonable to me.

2) The Bible also says I shouldn't shave my beard in the paragraph above the homosexual paragraph, and that I shouldn't wear mixed linen, that I can sell my children into slavery, and that STONING people is OK. If you are going to pick and choose what parts of the bible you believe, I can't listen to you. That's being a hypocrite.

3) Oh, for goodness sakes. I guess it doesn't matter to you that McCain GAVE Rashid Khaldi and his group $500,000 dollars, and supported his "terrorist" group LONG before Obama talked to him. Give me a break. Doesn't THAT matter to you?

4) I will call it what I want, I call it a stupid arguement, and ignorant at that. Sarah Palin has been the definition of "socialist". She taxed big oil companies, and took that money and sent every single man, woman and child in Alaska a $1200 check! She's even quoted that "Alaska's wealth should be shared with the people, and we should 'spread the wealth' of Alaska's resourses with the people!!!! Oh, by the way, all Obama want's to do is roll back the tax breaks that Bush gave the TOP 1% OF THE COUNTRY. Sorry, but I don't believe Exxon (14 Billion profit in one quarter) needs a friggin' tax break. I DO.

5) Sorry, as a CHRISTIAN, I can't in good conciousness vote for McCain/Palin, and don't understand how anyone else could. They have run a dispicable campain, full of HATE, RACISM, LIES, MORE LIES, AND DIVISIVENESS. Tell me, do you think JESUS would approve of thier campain? Or one that is full of HOPE AND LOVE?? Stop masking your racism, and THINK.

Charlie said...

It's too bad "Anonymous" didn't leave his/her name. Anyway, here is my reply...

1) If you're not against killing pre-born babies, you're for it. And Barack Obama is not only for it, he voted to make sure children die if they are born alive by a botched abortion - and that was AFTER a provision for the "life of the mother" was added. Get your "facts" straight!

2) I wasn't talking about Mosiac Law. I was referring to the context of the entire Bible -- from Genesis to Revelation. I can explain further, but suffice it to say your argument is NOT that of a Christian, but of someone brainwashed into believing the Bible can be picked apart to suit your own arguments against its teachings. God established marriage, in Genesis, as a man and woman -- and through Revelation there is NO deviation from that theme.
Barack Obama claims to be Christian, yet hires a deviant who wants to force homosexuality "as a central theme" in the education of kindergarten children. THAT IS DISGUSTING!

3)I wasn't aware of any connection between Khalidi and McCain. I will investigate and add that connection, if there really is one. In the interim, no one can dispute that Obama's associations are far more sinister than anyone could dream up about McCain (ie: Bill Ayers, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, etc).

4) So, call it what you want... but don't think you're speaking truth. Obama is a socialist -- top to bottom.

5) Frankly, I challenge your assertion to being a true Christian -- just as I do ANYONE who would vote for Barack Obama. If you can't, in good conscience, vote for McCain, then don't cast a vote at all. However, casting a vote for Barack Obama is an action of antithesis to Christian beliefs.

And lastly, where do you come off calling me a racist? Race has NOTHING to do with anything I wrote -- or have written. Southern Christian doesn't equal white racist. Now, who's discriminating?

Hannah said...

How is that no matter which Obama supporter you're talking to, no matter WHAT you're even saying about him, the whole race issue has to be brought up. NOBODY ON THIS BLOG EVER USED THAT WORD UNTIL "anonymous" DID! Calling McCain supporters racist as an escape out of an argument is very pathetic.