Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Concerned Women for America Says, 'Stop Bullying Sarah!'

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) is appalled at the distortions about women and Christianity embodied in the personal attacks against a political candidate who is unapologetically also a woman, wife, mother and evangelical believer.

"In its continuing game of 'gotcha' journalism and the 'politics of personal destruction,' the mainstream media (MSM) and celebrity reporters are piling on Sarah Palin," said, Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, political commentator for CWALAC. "The personal attacks have reached unprecedented pettiness and hypocrisy. Even former journalistic giants (like the Washington Post and New York Times) are engaging in tabloid-like sensationalism and printing vicious distortions about her life, faith, experience and family. Even feminists -- who supposedly promote women's equality and the so-called 'women's rights' agenda -- are questioning a female candidate's ability to get the job done. It's past time for the bullying to stop!"

Crouse continued, "As an outsider who came to Washington without political connections and became a presidential speechwriter and denizen of the West Wing halls of power, I'd like to offer the governor a bit of advice: Don't be intimidated by the ubiquitous 'data robots' who are like children's wind-up toys spewing out facts and information. They sound impressive, but I've found that they often lack wisdom, insight and vision; many of them haven't the foggiest idea what those facts mean, sometimes lack common sense and too often are unable to shape ideas into reality. Don't be impressed by 'inside-the-Beltway' lingo; far too often the short-hand language that the inside crowd uses to talk to each other obscures the fact that they know very little about the real world inhabited by mainstream Americans."

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jay r. said...

i agree about the bullying. at a message board i enjoy reading, one poster said she was "wacko" because of her beliefs concerning abortion. wow, did my plane take a wrong turn and land in an arab country?
however, after the interview on ABC, id have to say shes not VP material. how can she NOT know what the "bush doctrine" is? im not impressed with her at all.
finally- "cant shape ideas into reality" explains most liberals in this country. they honestly think the earth can achieve a utopian-like state by holding hands around a campfire.