Friday, September 19, 2008

A Clear and Present Media Bias

I just ran across an excellent post by Larry Clifton over at the American Politics and Media blog. Mr. Clifton published the post on September 8th. I'll share some of it with you...
... There is a lot about Sarah Palin that I don’t know. I do feel that I am comfortable and impressed with what I do know about her. On the other hand, there is a lot about McCain that I do know. Probably too much. In either case, I believe both are brave patriots who put country first.

Regarding Obama…not so much. Perhaps there is a bias behind my discrimination against his campaign; if so, it is appropriate and well documented. Today, Obama claims he is for the Bush tax-cuts that he has railed against for so long. Last week, along with House Speaker Pelosi and her ilk in Congress, he suddenly decided that offshore drilling might be a good idea after opposing it for his entire 300 or so career days present in Congress. And that whole thing about rural Americans “clinging to guns and religion…” he didn’t mean it, but it sure sounded good in San Francisco. Far more troubling is Obama’s reluctance to show our military - the military he wants to lead - a small modicum of respect.

Americans may argue the merits of the Iraq war for decades, or at least until Middle Eastern women no longer need to worry about being murdered by their fathers for choosing their own husbands. But arguing that our soldiers and their highly successful surge against Al Qaeda, which calmed the country and slowed violence against civilians while drastically lowering our troops’ combat casualties, didn’t work – well, even Al Jazeera can’t spin that garbage.

So, last week Obama admitted that the surge that he voted against and vehemently protested is a military success. It seems that as the election enters the home stretch, Obama is morphing into a rabid right-wing Republican. ...
You should read the entire post -- here.
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