Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snuff Films? Murder for Sport? Yep, they're just around the bend

Here is a short blurb from IMDB.com. It illustrates how realistic movie violence is becoming... and takes another step towards snuff films.
Tyler Movie Terrified Test Audiences
Violent scenes in Liv Tyler's new movie The Strangers are so realistic, test audiences fled cinemas fearing the actress was being killed for real. Tyler and Scott Speedman play a couple terrorised and held hostage in their own home by a group of masked intruders. The film is based on a real event, and contains graphic scenes of violence, that left Tyler battered and bruised and filmgoers terrified. The actress explains, "I was literally covered in bruises for half the year. It was as far as I could push myself in every way: physically, emotionally, mentally. "I remember the producer calling me and saying that the audiences freaked out because they thought it was a snuff film." Source
Movies like Hostel, the Saw series and now, The Strangers are becoming a Hollywood norm. Walk through any Blockbuster store and you will be overwhelmed with the violence disguised as entertainment. The worst part is their celebration of murderous violence. Truthfully, there is NO REASON for movies like this being made. Anyone who gleefully calls the plot lines of such movies "entertainment" is mentally ill and needs to see a psychiatrist.

Add the disgusting antics of modern wrestling and UFC-type fighting to the mix and it's not hard to see where "entertainment" is headed. Just around the bend are real snuff films -- complete with people being murdered in graphic high definition in order to satisfy the blood lust of our society. If not snuff films, then fights to the death -- or murder for sport. IT IS SICKENING!

We must get a grip on ourselves and think through the consequences of such things. Our children; our parents, brothers & sisters; our own lives will be at higher risk as we bend the meaning of entertainment to include real world blood letting as a form of mass media. May God's wrath be upon the sick perverts who produce this garbage... and His mercy be upon our citizens -- whose current suffering is miniscule compared to what's going to occur in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

i saw "the strangers". i think these scenes of brutal violence ended up on the cutting room floo. this movie wasnt nearly as violent as this blog entry reported it to be.
yes, it is disturbing at the amount of violence people enjoy. this is exactly why i am a proponent of gun ownership- because people are on edge, quick-tempered, without conscience, and basically insane.