Friday, May 23, 2008

What Exactly is the Religion of President Bush?

What Exactly is the Religion of Bush Who has Proclaimed Hindu Holiday Dwali, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Year of the Goat, Year of the Rat; Referred to 'An Almighty' and Said Christians/Muslims Worship Same God
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Recovering Republican John Lofton, Editor of web site and co-host of "The American View" radio show has issued the following statement:
"What, exactly, is the religion of President George W. Bush? He says he is a Christian. And numerous so-called conservative Christian leaders and organizations have said Mr. Bush is a Christian. But, is he a Christian? Is there a way to tell if a person is a Christian? Of course. None other than our Lord Himself says that we are known by our fruits, our actions (Matthew 7:15ff).
Some of Mr. Bush's "fruits" as President include these:
  • Mr. Bush has contradicted God's Word by saying, repeatedly, and approvingly, that people of different faiths "are free to worship as they choose" or not worship. God, however, says, in the First Commandment that He - the God of the Bible -- is the only true God there is and He must be worshipped the way He says He is to be worshipped: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
  • Mr. Bush has also said, repeatedly, that the strength of our Nation is in its diversity of religions. But, God says in His Word that it is only the nation that has Him as its God, and only Him, that is blessed (Psalm 33:12).
  • Mr. Bush, in this year's "National Day Of Prayer," referred, strangely, to "an Almighty" when he expressed his hope that someday there might be an "International Day Of Prayer."
  • Mr. Bush has honored by various proclamations: The Hindu holiday of Dwali which features prominently the "Goddess Lakshimi" and "Lord Ganesha;" Ramadan; Kwanzaa; The Year Of The Goat; and The Year Of The Rat (coincidentally an election year, this year.)
For an in-depth, respectful and well-researched discussion of this important topic (rulers can bless/curse a nation), please visit web site and listen to "The American View" radio show number 155. Editor Lofton also discusses this topic with radio talk show Jan Mickelson of WHO radio in Des Moines, Iowa.

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jay said...

do you really expect the president of the United States to NOT pander to different faiths?
i dont believe GW is that spiritual a person, anyway. but the fact that a leader calls attention to faiths other than his own doesnt mean he's reducing the Christian god. it means he's being a politician, and doing what is necessary in an over-zealous society.