Thursday, May 01, 2008

Smiley Face Murder Club Victims' List

Frank, a member, just sent me "the list". It contains 40+ names of young men believed to be victims of the Smiley Face Murder Club (or Smiley Face Gang). The list came from Footprints at the River's Edge, a blog that has more information on this topic than ANY other site I've seen. Heres' the list:

* 42. Christopher Melancon, 24 (WI)
* 41. Brad Olsen, 26 (IL) MISSING
* 40. Abel Bolanos, 19 (IA)
* 39. Wade Steffey, 19 (IN)
* 38. Nick Rossini, 21 (MN)
* 37. Jesse Ross, 20 (IL) MISSING
* 36. Lucas Homan, 21 (WI)
* 35. Brian Shaffer, 27 (OH) MISSING
* 34. Scott Radel, 21 (MN)
* 33. Kenji Ohmi, 20 (WI)
* 32. Cullen Fortney, 21 (WI) SURVIVED
* 31. Patrick Kycia, 19 (MN)
* 30. Matt Kruziki, 24 (IA)
* 29. Matthew Soumakis, 31 (IL)
* 28. Josh Snell, 22 (WI)
* 27. Chris Thiem, 19 (IN)
* Adam Falcon, 20 (NY)
* 26. Chris Olberding, 18 (OH)
* 25. Marlon Blue, 21 (IL)
* 23. Glenn Leadley, 23 (IL)
* 24. Jared Dion, 21 (WI)
* 22. Nathan Herr, 21 (WI)
* 21. Chad Sharon, 18 (IN)
* 20. Josh Guimond, 21 (MN) MISSING
* 19. Michael Noll, 22 (WI)
* 18. Chris Jenkins, 21 (MN)
* 17. Craig Burrows, 23 (WI)
* 16. Chris Nordby, 27 (MN)
* 15. Eric Blair, 18 (MI)
* 14. Ryan Katcher, 19 (IL)
* 13. Brian Welzien, 21 (IL)
* 12. Patrick Runningen, 23 (WI)
* 11. Ken Christiansen, 19 (MN)
* 10. Nathan Edberg, 21 (MN) MISSING
* 09. Jeffrey Geesey, 21 (WI)
* 08. Trevor Hoheisel, 27 (IL)
* 07. Keith Noble, 19 (OH)
* 06. Nathan Kapfer, 19 (WI)
* 05. Ryan Getz, 21 (MI)
* 04. Anthony Skifton, 19 (WI)
* 03. Charles Blatz, 28 (WI)
* 02. Richard Hlavaty, 19 (WI)
* 01. Morgan White, 19 (MI)
* Unconfirmed - Dale Shields (MI)

I've been at this for nearly 20 hours straight now... Time permitting, I plan to add date missing, date found, city, state and body of water to ALL of these names later today.


Bob said...

The list of 41 is a very long list, but its not all of the victims by far. Here is a message I got this week from a reader of my blog. The death of Max Walker is not on your list but the circumstances of his death are very much like all the others. I'm sure there are many more not listed yet.



------ copy of mail --------

"I am trying to find a contact number for the detectives who are looking for the Smiley Face Murderer(s). I believe there may be another vicitm, one whose death was classified as an Accidental Drowning. Max Walker, a 26 year-old, white male, was last seen leaving the Buckhead Saloon in Milwaukee, 26 July, 2006. His body was found the next day in the Milwaukee River, drowned. Anything you could do to help me contact the detectives would be greatly appreciated. Or you could just give them my email address. Thank you very much! I have attached a link to the story of his death."

Brian Blackwell said...

Thank you for posting the nice comment on my Blog -- The Blackwell Brief

I agree that you and I and other private citizens are going to solve the mystery.

God Bless,

Brian Blackwell, private investigator

Gayathri said...

oh my god...u r doing an amazing job charlie...great work...vil try my best to get all possbile details..

Anonymous said...

Another "drowning" victim was found yesterday at Ithaca College. A freshman died in 8' of water after leaving a party. The campus security washed a smiley face off the campus becasue it was upsetting the students.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of being found in water, this is eerily similar. 23 yo disappears after leaving a bar, 3 days later found dead in an alley with no trauma and unknown cause of death.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Szostak. 21 yrs old. ny.
found in the river a few months after disappearing from a bar.

Anonymous said...

You (or anyone else) might want to look into activity in New Hampshire as well. The 1991 drowning death of Dartmouth student Michael S. Malone fits the profile.

This happened way before most of the activity being investigated, but it's a very similar situation.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Will you please consider following up on this story?

Lon Dowdle was a fraternity brother of mine at Auburn University.

Tonight (3-26-09) I am watching Larry King Live’s special about the “Smiley Face Murders”.

Lon’s story seems so similar to the ones he is profiling.

Is there any possibility that Lon’s murder is linked or one of the “Smiley Face Murders”?

Lon was such an easy-going, kind soul, it still makes me sick to my stomach that such a tragedy occurred.

I’ve never been comfortable with the investigation details. How does someone just “disappear” like this?.

Will you please look into this?

This occurred in Cincinnati Ohio in 2002

Lisa said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your nice comments and for sourcing me on your blog.

I continue to do research and update my site regularly. As of July 2009, there are at least 112 cases that fit this same "profile." Something is certainly going on!


piratesmom said...

my son joel thomas saunders should be added to the list he left the end zone bar in lafayette indiana on the night of 03/07/08 he had been out with friends he never made it home they found his car in between the bar and his house he was missing for 5 days found him in wea creek on 03/12/08 coroner said he drowned the creek is about 1 foot deep police said it was an accident

austen said...

Jeremy Houk - March 1, 2003 18yrs old, dissapeared after a frat party in New Orleans, found three months later in the Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Thete are two college age males that went missing after leaving bar late night with no rides. There is no water bodies or found bodies for that matter. But, in an earlier thread I saw the name of a Bar "Buckhead Saloon", in Millwalkie; funny though half way across the country by geography the Bar name is the same in Charlotte , NC. This young mans name is Kyle Fleishman. The other younger man is Justin Gaines missing under similar, very similar circumstances out of Duluth, GA. I heard of both in Late 2007 missing within one weak of each other.