Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Joshua Szostak's Family Meeting With 'Smiley-Face Killer' Detectives

News of the possible lead in the Nicholas Garza case hits a familiar chord with Joshua Szostak's family. It's preparing to meet the two detectives spear-heading the 'smiley face killer' investigation this week in Albany. The two ex-NYPD detectives believe the former Plattsburgh State student's death connects to the other deaths around the country.

Bill Szostak told Fox44 News he's spoken on the phone with the detectives, Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, several times. Unbeknowing to Szostak, the investigators were already in Albany investigating his son's death two weekends ago, when he was buried. "I'm not saying I'm 100% positive at this point that my son is one of the smiley face victims," Szostak said, "but having two highly decorated detectives from New York City, maybe they'll be able to uncover some clues as to what brought about my son's death."

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought... When I checked the story "Drowning Deaths Connected To Serial Killers In 2006?" The professor said that: "there is a cycle -- a chunk in there -- that is east, west, west, east, west, east that repeats itself twice." Any one checked on that? 523235235 are the alphabets as

Anonymous said...

i had heard this-- but "east/west/east..." relative to WHAT? what does that mean?