Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage - Why Is It A Bad Idea?

Anonymous wrote a comment regarding my post from yesterday. Here is his comment, along with my reply... and more on some of the reasons why allowing gay/lesbian couples to marry is a bad idea:

anonymous wrote:
"the sky is not falling. tax paying adults should be able to marry same sex partners. honestly, im not comfortable with it either, but its just, and fair.
'pain, promiscuity, and death', due to same sex marraige? do you really believe this? the status quo has already brought p, p & d to california, and to our American society in general.
im gay, but no immersed in the culture. i will agree most gays i know are promiscuous, and mentally ill, and live exclusively in gaydom. those arent the ones interested in marraige. there are many gays who DO want that, and are capable of being "normal", loving people, adjusted to mainstream society."
The sky is not falling, BUT there will be consequences that may make it seem as though the sky is falling in future generations.

Yes, I really believe that pain, promiscuity and death will continue to be a result of homosexual unions. You said it yourself, "most gays you know are promiscuous..." That kind of sexual immorality leads to pain for the perpetrator and their victims. As we all know, AIDS is primarily a gay disease. It causes THOUSANDS of deaths around the world each year. Not only do I believe it -- but the facts show those words to be 100% true.

If people who choose homosexuality want unions, let them have their own ceremonies and unions amongst their lifestyle partners. Giving a chosen (and destructive) behavior legal standing across the realm of society is just plain wrong. It's a bad idea from ALL angles.

Setting aside religious values for a moment... Think about the problems that can and will come from gay marriage. Divorce, which is rampant among married couples, will exponentially increase in the gay population. It's a proven fact that most "gay couples" don't last more than a few months to around two years. Then, there's the issue of divorce settlements, etc. that will inevitably tie up an already overburdened judicial system. Case precedence and legal wrangling will lengthen any meaningful decisions within the realm of these relationships.

Next, think about spousal benefits. What a can of worms to be opened there!?! Then, there's insurance. Allowing homosexual partners benefits on insurance policies will most certainly be the straw that breaks the healthcare system and insurance reimbursement cycle's back. It's a proven fact that those who choose homosexual lifestyles are more susceptible to disease. When both partners are highly likely to have or contract an STD, HIV or AIDS, healthcare costs will effectively skyrocket -- which will drive up premiums. And one result will be more people who are uninsured or under-insured -- include those who chose homosexual unions.

The worst problem, IMO, will be the toll on America's children. Gay couples will most certainly demand adoption rights. Since any thinking person will have to admit that even children know in their hearts that homosexuality is not normal or natural, there will be many confused, frustrated and mal-adjusted children in our culture. Then, when their two dads get divorced, the court enters the picture again. Custody, visitation rights, and on and on it goes. Society wasn't built the way it has been built in order to hold people down -- but to help everyone live together in some sort of harmony. Adding a promiscuous, predatory lifestyle choice to normal society (and call it acceptable) will surely harm everyone in the end -- but mostly the children who will be victims from several angles.

Lastly, children will most assuredly become victimized by the predatory nature of homosexuality. It's a proven fact that many men who now live the gay lifestyle were sexually abused by another man when they were a child. Placing children, especially young boys, into a home with two homosexual men is just plain dangerous. The result will be more sexual predators, more pedophiles -- and more pain, promiscuity and death.

Do the research for yourself. The extreme end of the homosexual agenda wants sex with children legalized. Keywords for your interest: NAMBLA, Human Rights Campaign, man boy love. The truth is out there.

Sincerely, I challenge you to think ALL of this through. I am not the most eloquent writer in the world. Yet, the points made here are compelling, you must admit. If you refuse to think this through, you are denying the very real possibility of America's future.

Homosexuality is a choice some people make. God gave us all free will to make choices. Although the Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin, it is like all other sin -- a choice. If people choose it, they will live with the consequences. I respect their choice and love the people while abhorring their sin. BUT... BUT... American society should NOT have to endure the results of allowing such a choice to become a mainstream part of our culture. It's an extremely bad idea that will have a high cost -- not only in terms of money, but in terms of human losses.

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