Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Charles Barkley spews moronic comments on CNNTOPIC: Charles Barkley? Really?!? What Does He Know Anyway?
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Day Gardner, President, National Black Pro-Life Union, submits the following:
It is interesting that there is so much noise about Charles Barkley's remarks about abortion and Barack Obama. Barkley made the comments last Friday in an interview with CNN's The Situation Room news show and also referred to pro-life advocates as "hypocritical." He also stated that the word "conservative" makes him sick to his stomach. Really, Mr. Barkley? Conservative, conservative, conservative! (Just kidding).

Mr. Barkley was once a very talented basketball player, but this does not qualify him as a great thinker [or even an intelligent person]. If he were, he would understand that abortion is not a Republican or Democratic issue; it's a simple matter of life and death. (Has he ever seen what an aborted child looks like?) The good news is that there ARE many pro-life Democrats! There are Democrats of strong moral fiber who will not bow to the beast. There are Democrats who stand fierce in support of saving the lives of unborn children even at the risk of loosing the support by their political party. Unfortunately, Barack Obama is not one of them!

When Wolf Blitzer asked Barkley to explain his callous anti-Christian remarks, Barkley condemned Christians for wanting to be "judge and jury." But that's just it, Mr. Barkley -- women who become pregnant are judging their own innocent child by making the determination that the child growing inside is somehow not worthy of life and therefore, sentenced to a horrific, violent death by abortion. There are two victims in abortion -- one dead, the other injured. Women need not kill their children due to fear or pressure from boyfriends, husbands or parents. Young girls and women need to realize that it is not necessary to kill their children to have productive lives. Both mother and child are precious in God's eyes!

The word of God says pre-born children are people from the moment of conception, PSALM 139:13-16. The Bible also says if anyone harms a pregnant woman so that her baby dies--that person should be punished "an eye for an eye", EXODUS 21:22-25. So, who is Charles Barkley? He's just a former basketball player, no more -- no less.

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