Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ultra-liberal Barack Obama stumping the campaign trail in SCTOPIC: Obama Wins South Carolina; Hilary Comes in Second; Edwards is a Loser!
Photo by Stefan Zaklin
With most of the precincts reporting, it seems that Barack Obama has won the South Carolina Democratic primary. Hilary Clinton (that name makes me shudder) came in second and John Edwards is a loser (which is fair since he's such a liar and fake, anyway).
Already, there are stirrings in Washington that Senator Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy will endorse Obama this coming week. Well, that settles the idea for me. IF I were ever considering voting for Barack Obama, that idea just flew out the window on the wings of one of Teddy Kennedy's liquor bottles. Kennedy is one of the most liberal, liberals in the US government. If he endorse a candidate, it's highly likely that candidate is much like Ted Kennedy. After all, the Kennedy ego is huge and well-rooted in the status quo of their beliefs. Therefore, any candidate accepting Ted Kennedy's endorsement is a liberal's, liberal -- or one in the making.
Barack Obama can say he's a Bible believing Christian all he wants. BUT, if he accepts the anti-Christian, anti-anything-conservative-or-traditional-values-oriented Kennedy endorsement, then I'd say something smells very fishy! The amoral ideas for which Ted Kennedy stands are at polar opposites from that of a Bible believing Christian. So, which will it be Obama? Are you really a Christian Democrat or a Kennedy liberal?

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