Monday, October 15, 2007

TOPIC: Dear Abby: You're Wrong on Homosexuality and 'Gay' Marriage
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Stephen Bennett, founder of, a worldwide support group for parents, family members and friends who have loved ones who are homosexual, responded swiftly to the flood of e-mails and calls from his group's members regarding "Dear Abby" and her controversial statements on "gay" marriage, and her support of the homosexual lifestyle."I got into the office an hour or so late today and my e- mail was flooded with people questioning 'Dear Abby's' comments. The phone has been ringing off the wall ever since," said Bennett.
Bennett, a former homosexual himself, now married almost 15 years to his wife and the father of his two children, said, "Sorry 'Dear Abby' - You are WRONG on this one!"
"Jeanne Phillips (aka Abby) is opining a lot about how very little she knows. Her using buzz words as 'homophobic' and 'inclusive' and 'judgmental' are to scare people into believing she is 'right.' Homosexual family members need to be loved and be treated with respect, yet going as far out on a limb as Phillips did, is showing FALSE love and is actually harmful. We encourage families to love their 'gay' identified loved ones unconditionally, yet without ever condoning or accepting the behavior. It's a fine line one learns to walk - and when you speak the TRUTH in love - it pays off. 'Dear Abby's' ignorant advice will only cause more harm and pain to a confused society, and not only to the homosexual individual, but to EVERY family member and friend involved," said Bennett.
Bennett ended, "'Dear Abby,' stick to what little you know -- and forget about that which you don't. Encouraging young 'gay' men to accept themselves as such can lead to an early death. I wonder how you would respond to several of our Parents Group members, whose sons have died excruciating and painful deaths due to HIV/AIDS. Try comforting these inconsolable parents. What, I wonder, would you say to these distraught parents, 'Dear Abby'? Maybe, 'That's just life! You can do it! Get up now and move on!' I suggest Jeanne Phillips talk to people like me and a 75-year-old mother in our group whose son walked away from homosexuality after many years. Phillips is brainwashed, ignorant and uniformed. You want the truth 'Dear Abby'? Give me a call."
Stephen Bennett is the founder of, a worldwide Christian organization, helping parents, family members and friends deal biblically with a loved one's homosexuality. Bennett has been on most every major network and cable news program and is available for interviews. Call (203) 926-6960. Stephen's office is located in Huntington, CT.

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