Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TOPIC: Child's Alleged 'Ecstasy Trip' Posted Online
This is a sickening story. Teenage girls laughing, poking and prodding a 5-6 year old girl whom someone obviously gave a hit of ecstasy (the date rape drug). The child's eyes continually roll back in her head (one of the signs of "X" intoxication). The teenagers get a huge kick out of the plight of the little girl -- all while traveling through city streets of what authorities believe is Houston, Texas. I almost cried as I watched the video -- at the lack of compassion for the child, at the fact that these teenage girls could derive fun from such a horrible thing and that there was likely an adult driving the minivan that carried this slut circus through town.
Here's the article and link to the video:
HOUSTON -- It's the video that's making the rounds on the internet (most likely on YouTube)
Investigators are trying to track down a little girl seen in a home video, and other teenage girls. The video shows a little girl riding without a safety seat on the floor of what appears to be a mini van in the Houston area. There are several teenage girls who claim the child may be on the drug ecstasy. The child's eyes are also seen rolling back in her head.

Investigators are seeking the public’s help in identifying her or any of the girls in the video. Jackson County sheriff's officials say they would like to do a welfare check on the child to determine if she's okay. Chief Deputy Curt Gabrysch says if you know who the child is, to please contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Department or your local police department.
Again, if you know anyone in the video, PLEASE contact law enforcement and give them the names. Someone needs to check on the welfare of the little girl -- and hold everyone involved responsible for the crimes they committed against her.

UPDATE: 7/11/07 - Teenage girls located, but claim there was no drug use. Um, they are lying -- so keep investigating and you'll find the truth.

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