Monday, May 14, 2007

TOPIC: Deonte Edward Bradley is a PUNK!
Please excuse the following tirade and inappropriate language, BUT I have some anger issues with this punk and I'm going to vent in a base way that he can understand...

An open letter to Deonte Bradley: Bring you
r punk ass down to North Carolina and we'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget! Beating the crap out of a 91 year old man may be easy. It takes a real "tough guy" to do that. I personally challenge you to try it on me or any one of the other Southern fellas waiting to beat the hell out of a thug like you. So, when you get out of jail, head south on I-95. Make sure to say goodbye to your mama (if you have one) and your hoes (since some dumb chick probably thinks you're a man - what a joke!). We'll treat you right in the South -- and send you back to Detroit in good shape -- pummeled just like you did Mr. Leonard Sims (pictured at right).
Personally, I'll gladly allow you the opportunity to try and take my car. And then beat the hell out of you while you cry like a baby on the ground wishing you'd never even thought about hitting anyone else or carjacking.
BTW, Southerners don't stand around watching old men get beat up in parking lots like the wimps in Detroit. We'd kick the shit out of a lowlife ass like you Deonte -- and then make sure you get arrested. We're not afraid and we won't stand for punks like you beating up elderly men.
The same goes for all the other teenage thugs who think it's cool or funny or exciting to beat up elderly people. There are plenty guys in the South who CHALLENGE you to try carjacking us at the local convenience store. As the rednecks say, "We got somethin' for yur ass!"

UPDATE 5.24.07: Deonte Bradley will stand trial. Bradley's attorney asked for him not to be placed in the general population at the jail -- due to threats. It seems that even those who commit crimes know what a punk Deonte Bradley is -- and plan to kick the crap out of him (which is what he truly deserves). has the latest.


Anonymous said...

I agree. send him down to NC for some southern etiquette! i almost cried watching this thug beat a 91 year old man. deonte should be put in a 6X6 jail cell with no music, tv or visitors for the rest of his life while we all smile that justice has been served.

Anonymous said...

I think he needs to be in the general population for some "treatment" before being put to death. Where are Sharpton, Jackson, and their clonies now???!

Anonymous said...

I personally think frontal lobotomy's should be brought back for guys just like this.