Sunday, April 15, 2007

TOPIC: Micro-lending to the Third World
If you haven't heard of micro-lending, you're in for a treat. A firm named KIVA is working with small business lenders in "third world" countries -- offering loans to entrepeneurs who need a hand in expanding their businesses.
I heard about KIVA and the micro-lending industry while listening to WorldVision Report earlier today. The segment focuses on a woman in Uganda and one of the people who loaned her money from the US. The woman has a peanut butter business from which she supports herself and six children (some are orphaned from the country's wars). I urge you to spend a few minutes listening to the podcast -- and then join
At right is a photo of the individual I am supporting with my first small no-interest loan through KIVA. His name is Arzuman Huseynov and he owns a grocery store in the Fizuli district of Azerbaijan. His loan request is for $800.00 -- to expand the size of his store. It's an awesome cause and I look forward to hearing how Mr. Huseynov's business grows!
Click on the graphic below to join KIVA and offer your support!

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Aaron said...

Great to see another proud kiva user. I am just starting down the lending road, but have been impressed thus far. Kiva seems to be doing a great job at this and the buzz and press has been great. How cool to use the web for this purpose. Peace, A.Phaneuf - Newport RI