Monday, April 09, 2007

TOPIC: Killing for Cures? The Embryonic Stem Cell Debate
According to a recent article written by Steven Ertelt of, the US Senate will debate Embryonic Stem Cell Research funding April 10. The Senate has "scheduled a debate and vote on a bill that would force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research." The article continued by saying, "The main bill, S. 5, is legislation that would mandate federal funding of embryonic stem cell research that requires the destruction of days-old unborn children for their stem cells."
Phil Magnan, Director of Biblical Family Advocates greatly disagrees with the funding of ESCR, embryonic stem cell research in saying,
"It makes absolutely no sense that the Senate would seek to fund research that is unproven, extremely costly and kills children who should be saved from dismemberment. Why should our tax dollars be used to kill others to find cures that are already found in adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells?
There are over 70 cures using these ethical use stem cells so why do we waste tax dollars in the billions of dollars to fund something that even the proponents of embryonic stem cell research admit may take even decades find life saving cures?

Biblical Family Advocates, BFA, strongly encourages Americans to contact their Senators immediately and denounce this outrageous attack on human life and its incredible waste of tax payer dollars. As Mr. Magnan has stated in California State Senate hearing in September of 2004, regarding the funding of ESCR, that he himself would refuse any medical treatment derived from embryonic stem cells as it would be highly unethical to benefit from killing others. It is the hope of BFA that all Americans would take this principled stand publicly - which could very well stop this horrific pursuit of killing the unborn to heal our selves.
Please reach your senator at 202-224-3121 or you can find specific contact information by going to as they need to hear from those Americans who do not want killing for cures.

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