Saturday, March 31, 2007

TOPIC: Apologies - Out of state
My apologies for not posting on The Sope-Bocks all week. I was at Fort McClellan (in Anniston, Alabama) participating in Department of Homeland Security training. Core members of our HazMat / Decon team went to the Center for Domestic Preparedness to complete the TERT and COBRATF courses.
The coolest part (also the most dangerous) was working directly with VX (Sarin) and GB gases -- enough to kill more than 1275 adults. The firefighters' mantra "trust your equipment" came home in a big way when we entered the chambers containing each of these highly dangerous substances. The outcome is that we have greater confidence in dealing with anything -- especially a hazardous materials incident or a WMD event. Everyone on our team received the coveted cobra pin, along with kudos from decorated DHS instructors (many of whom have long careers in the military and/or law enforcement). We are TERT 07-15!
On a more personal level, I was blessed to interact with some fine individuals (mostly firefighters and police officers) from around the country in way I don't normally get to work with them.

America, you are highly blessed to have these dedicated folks serving you.

Photos by Charlie

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