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TOPIC: NBC's Heroes - How do you stop an exploding man?
I am a big fan of NBC's new drama series, HEROES. The plot twists and turns and zig-zags all over the place. The characters, created by Tim Kring, are interesting and the story-telling is superb. I haven't enjoyed a TV series this much since Quantum Leap aired.
Unless you've been living under a rock since this past September, you've probably heard something about Heroes. Since there literally dozens of fan sites, I won't bore you with the details. What am I doing with this post if offering *my* list of specials -- the characters who have powers. This is the most complete list on the Internet. In fact, some of the Heroes forums' members have taken my list and either copied it or adapted it into "specials lists" with varying amounts of detail. Nonetheless, I'm proud to offer the most complete Heroes specials list available. BTW, I host this list on my favorite Heroes forum, titled appropriately,
The List is regularly updated HERE. Without further adieu, the most complete "specials" list from the NBC televisions series, Heroes:
Edit version: 03.06.07
Updated List of "Special" People:
Brian Davis - New York, NY (deceased)
Gabriel Gray - New York, NY (aka Sylar)
Claire Bennet - Odessa, TX
Peter Petrelli - New York, NY
Micah Hawkins - Las Vegas, NV
Name Unknown - Barstow, CA (deceased)
James Walker - Los Angeles, CA (deceased)
Theodore "Ted" Sprague - Los Angeles, CA
Charlene "Charlie" Andrews - Midland, TX (deceased)
Sarah Ellis - (aka Eden McCain) Los Angeles, CA (deceased)
Shanti Suresh - India (deceased)
"the Haitian" - Haiti
Hana Gitelman - Missoula, MT
Claude "Raines" - New York City, NY
Meredith Gordon - Kermit, TX
Dale Smither - Montana (deceased)

Original Computer List:
Felipe Acorra - (deceased) (or Felipe Acera - Tapei)
D.L. Hawkins - Las Vegas, NV
Byron Bevington - Marshfield, VT
Niki Sanders - Las Vegas, NV
Daniel Buzzetti - Greeley, CO
Isaac Mendez - New York, NY
Tracy Chobhan - Frostburg, MD (or Tracy Chobham)
Nicholas Datre - (deceased)
Paula Gramble - Monteith, IA
Curtis Hovsopian - Grant Pass, OR
Nathan Petrelli - New York, NY
Noel Menzles - (deceased)
Penkala Burton - Albert Lea, MN
Teresa Hue Pham - Shreveport, LA
Matthew Parkman - Los Angeles, CA
Hiro Nakamura - Tokyo, JP
David Berman - New York, NY
Leonis Pinkham - (deceased)
Adam Soo Hoo - Kailua, HI
Linda Tavara - (deceased)
Norman Ventris - (deceased)
Sparrow Redhouse - New Mexico
Amid Halebi - Los Angeles, CA

Partial names seen on computer list:
Michelle Valcan
Candace Wilmer
Harry Fletcher
Ethan Kint... - (deceased)
Abu Aswan (- Cairo, Egypt)
Frank Cavanaugh - (deceased)
Diego Vel... - (deceased)
Jess Murph... - (deceased)
Sue Lander...
Pam Green... (or Pan Green - deceased)

Specials List from Dr. Chandra Suresh's files, (NBC) map & notebook:
13yo Colombian Female - Maraba, Brazil
22yo Malaysian Female - Palu, Indonesia
Sanjog Iyer (Male) - Mandras, India (or Sanjop Iyer)
87yo African Female - Botswana
??yo American Female - Connecticut, USA (Red hair, 1978)
??yo American Male - Mexico (Transportation)
??yo American Female - California, USA (Blonde hair, 1988)
Rebecca Finder
Arthur Dowland
Zane Taylor - Virginia Beach, VA
Elena LaCarte

Possible "Specials" or "Heroes":
Molly Walker - Los Angeles, CA

Pictures/pinpoints on Suresh & Sylar maps:
= Pictures: =
20ish Female - Canada
50ish Male - South America
20ish Female - Vietnam (South Pacific Airlines employee)
30ish Female - Northern Greenland
Dark-skinned Female - Texas
30ish Male w/ glasses - New England area
= Pinpoints: =
NOTE: Some of the pinpoints are clearly in bodies of water.
Therefore, pinpoints do not necessarily indicate the location of "specials".

"Non-specials" who are now deceased:
- Multiple "Linderman hinchmen" (Murdered by Jessica)
- Mrs. Walker (James Walker's wife / Murdered by Sylar)

- Mr. Deveaux (Simone's father / Died of illness)
- Two police officers (FBI HQ
/ Murdered by Sylar)
- Aron Malsky (Linderman attorney /
Assasinated by Jessica)
- Simone Deveaux (Accidentally killed by Isaac)

Names in BOLD are "heroes" we've met.
Info in BROWN taken from NBC's Chandra Suresh map.

PROVEN: The computer screen does NOT show the entire list Chandra Suresh had compiled.
HOW: 1) Mr. Bennet enlisted Eden McCain to remove Claire's name from Suresh's "list".
2) We saw Chandra Suresh's notebook, listing unnamed persons not shown on the computer generated list that Mohinder found.
3) Mohinder Suresh tells Nathan that Peter is on "the list", yet we do not see Peter's name on the computer screen.
4) Mohinder Suresh tells the FBI agent (on the phone) that James Walker is on "the list", yet we do not see his name on the computer screen.

Watch Heroes on NBC each Monday night at 9:00pm ET -- and again Fridays at 7:00pm on SciFi Channel.

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