Wednesday, February 14, 2007

TOPIC: FOX News & Anna Nicole Smith
I sent the following email to Neil Cavuto of FOX News today:
I feel like I’m watching a new network. Instead of FNC, your network’s coverage looks more like the ANS (
or ANuS) channel lately. Face it, Anna Nicole Smith was a loser. She would never have become famous if she hadn’t bared all for the young perverts in Playboy, then married a dying billionaire (J. Howard Marshall) for his money. Only her family would care that she died *if* there wasn’t a huge sum of money for everyone to battle about. Anna Nicole Smith (or Vickie Lynn Hogan) would have ended up where most women with her morals and lack of character end up – prostituting themselves; having children out of wedlock; hooked on drugs – and eventually dead from an overdose (suicide or murder).
Wait! That’s exactly what happened. Never mind...

It's not that I didn't like Anna Nicole. It's just that she never showed one ounce of anything other than self-indulgence and destructive behavior. I feel very sad for Dannielynn, her infant daughter. I don't feel sorry for Smith, though. FWIW, I believe her former close friend who said that Howard K. Stern is after the money -- and always has been. I also believe that Larry Birkhead is Danni-lynn's father. Why would Anna have told her friend Birkhead is the father if Stern actually fathered the child? It doesn't make sense.
Furthermore, Stern was present (or very close) by when J. Howard Marshall, Smith's husband, died; when Daniel, her son, died and when Anna Nicole herself died. Although some accounts conflict, Howard K. Stern didn't lift a finger to help when ANY of the three passed from this earth into eternity. In fact, more than one account has Anna Nicole screaming at Stern -- saying things like, "You let it happen!" and "It's your fault!" after her 20-year old son, Daniel Wayne Smith, was found dead in the Bahamas. No matter what, there was enough suspicion that a hearing was scheduled for March 26. I guess Smith's death removed that obstacle, huh?
Smith's "flagrant" sexual relationship with Bahamian Minister of Immigration, Shane Gibson, is also on record now. A former Prime Minister had recently said Anna Nicole Smith was not a fit person to become a citizen of the Bahamas. Yet, Gibson fast-tracked her citizenship request personally. Yet another example of poor moral character and Smith prostituting herself for favors and money.
This is a sad story. It's not one that needs to be glamorized in the news, though. All we need to know is that Vickie Lynn Hogan (aka Vickie Marshall) ended up where many women who live her kind of life end up. And the people who pretend to care the most are only the ones who see $$$ signs in her casket and the orphaned child left behind.

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