Thursday, January 18, 2007

TOPIC: Enough Already; It's Time to Move On...
Here's a story that is sure to make the national headlines. The likes of Al "the Charleton" Sharpton and Jesse "the lame loser" Jackson will be making their rounds denouncing Del. Frank Hargrove, whites in general and "the establishment". Folks, it's time to move on. Enough already. This continued rhetoric does nothing to make things better; to enjoin people to each other or to improve relations among all ethnic and religious groups.
The story from FOXNews says,
A state legislator said black people "should get over" slavery and questioned whether Jews should apologize "for killing Christ," drawing denunciations Tuesday from stunned colleagues. Frank D. Hargrove, 79, [Glen Allen] made his remarks in opposition to a measure that would apologize on the state's behalf to the descendants of slaves.
In an interview published Tuesday in The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, Hargrove said slavery ended nearly 140 years ago with the Civil War and added that "our black citizens should get over it." The newspaper also quoted him as saying, "are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?"
Black lawmakers swiftly denounced Hargrove's comments. "When somebody tells me I should just get over slavery, I can only express my emotion by projecting that I am appalled, absolutely appalled," said Del. Dwight C. Jones, head of the Legislative Black Caucus. Del. David L. Englin also criticized Hargrove's remarks, recalling that his grandparents were driven from their homes in Poland "by people who believed that as Jews, we killed Christ."
When Hargrove rose to speak, he told Englin he didn't care about Englin's religion.
"I didn’t even know you were Jewish, I had no idea of what your religion, [and] I don’t care what your religion is. I don’t care. ... I think your skin was a little too thin," Hargrove said as lawmakers gasped and groaned.
While I disagree with how Hargrove handled the situation, he makes a good point. You should go and read the article in The Daily Progress before believing what ANYONE else has to say about Hargrove's comments.
As for my thoughts -- Slavery ended nearly one and a half centuries ago. It's time for people to stop complaining and be responsible for themselves, their actions and their own future. This kind of action won't come from Sharpton, Jackson or any of their ilk. After all, they make their living off of fueling hate, blame and playing the race card everywhere they can.
Meanwhile, Keith Drake, chairman of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, issued a statement Tuesday saying a resolution expressing appreciation “to recognize the significant contributions of slaves” would be more appropriate and positive. Because no slaves or slaveholders are alive, “it is unclear who is apologizing to whom,” Drake said. He said the Marsh and McEachin resolutionserves no useful purpose. It merely opens old wounds.I wholeheartedly agree.

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