Thursday, December 21, 2006

TOPIC: Miss USA = Using drugs; Sexually promiscuous; Alcohol abuse?
The media blitz has come and gone, but Miss USA (Tara Conner) is still on her throne -- thanks in part to "the Donald". Mr. Trump, who along with NBC, owns the Miss USA Pageant have offered Tara Conner another chance. While that decision gives many people warm fuzzies, it disgusts me.
Tara Conner is definitely NOT what Miss USA should be about. She has proven herself to be a wild party girl, who has been seen snorting cocaine, carousing with all sorts of young men and even making out with 18 year old Katie Blair (Miss Teen USA). [Ms. Blair's crown should be removed, too!]
While I'm all for second chances, I also believe in justice -- and integrity. Allowing Tara Conner to retain the Miss USA crown is an injustice to EVERY other young lady who lives right, works hard and strives to achieve the proper "girl next door" image that should be the goal for Miss USA. Instead, we have a druggy, bi-sexual slut alcoholic representing the USA. Worse yet, now we have a Miss USA in rehab. AWFUL! Donald, you're fired! Tara, you're fired, too! Ms. Blair, go home little girl. You're too young to play these games. Nuff said!

UPDATE: 8:35pm EST
I just heard John Gibson's telephone interview with Donald Trump -- regarding his tit-for-tat comments with Rosie O'Donnell. While I immensely dislike Rosie (and most everything she stands for), I agree with her on the fact that Tara Conner does not deserve to be Miss USA. I hope the public pressure mounts -- forcing Trump and NBC to re-evaluate their decision.

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