Friday, November 03, 2006

TOPIC: What Does the Midterm Election Cycle Mean for America?
Democrats need a fifteen-seat pickup to regain the House and a gain of six seats to claim the Senate. The White House traditionally loses seats in midterm congressional races. The most recent exception was 2002, when Bush's party picked up seats. Before you give up on Republicans, and buy into the liberal media's postulating, think about what happens if each party wins.

If the Republicans keep control over Congress:
- Possibility of 2-3 conservative Supreme Court judges who will uphold the Constitution -- as written
- Hope of curbing judicial tyranny in Circuit Courts of Appeal
- Tax cuts deserved by American citizenry would become permanent
- Much needed Social Security reform
- Possibility of stopping the bloody tide of the murder of millions of unborn children
- Illegal aliens will be treated as such
- The family-killing gay marriage will likely go back into the closet
- A strong defense system ready to fight anywhere in the world
- ACTION when it is needed

President Bush, in his own get-out-the-vote appeal, told Republicans:"The consequences of not succeeding this fall are dire for our agenda for America." Never has George W. Bush spoken truer words.

If Democrats keep control over Congress:
- Nancy Pelosi would become Speaker of the House (That is EXTREMELY scary!)
- Jim McDermott or Charlie Rangel would be in charge of House Ways & Means Committee
- Harry Reid would likely rise to Senate Majority Leader
- President Bush's tax cuts would be repealed
- Higher taxes for everyone -- especially the middle class
- Social Security funds would continue to be raided by Congress
- Probability of 2-3 more liberal, activist Supreme Court judges
- "Undocumented aliens" would be allowed to waltz in to the US and sign up for welfare, medicaid, etc.
- Gay marriage will be embraced -- without the truth of ALL the problems it will create
- Base closings and huge military cutbacks -- resulting in an ill-prepared military
- TALK, POLLS, RHETORIC -- when action is needed

Democratic victories essentially could block Bush's remaining agenda and usher in a period of intense partisan bickering over nearly every measure to come before Congress. Loss of either chamber also could subject his administration to endless congressional inquiries and investigations. Devvy Kidd adds, "What you do think will happen if the Democrats take control of Congress? They will do the same thing they did for 40 years prior to the Republicans taking control in 1995: they will spend you into poverty, push every destructive social behavior out there ("rights" for sodomites, same sex marriage and teaching this filth to school children). They will continue their quest to violate the true meaning of the Second Amendment..."

  • If you remember Mark Foley, don't forget Monica Lewinsky.
  • If you remember the war in Iraq, don't forget more than a dozen terrorist attacks on US citizens BEFORE the war in Iraq.
  • If you think there are problems in Iraq now, don't forget what happened when we cut & run under a Democratic administration -- thousands of Iraqis died at the hands of Saddam Hussein's death squads, terrorism from the Middle East grew exponentially and 9/11 happened on OUR soil.
  • If you remember ANY negative economic news, remember who signed away MILLIONS of American jobs -- HINT: Bill Clinton and NAFTA, GATT and/or CAFTA!
  • If you remember (and dislike) a hard stance on North Korea and Iran becoming part of the nuclear club, don't forget who fed them the technology: China. And who gave China a huge leap forward in technology (including military secrets): The Democratic Administration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore (the men John Kerry idolizes)
  • If you remember the deficit, don't forget what we've been through the past 6 years ( bust, 9/11 attacks -- and all of the economic hardship after it, the hurricanes, floods, fires)
  • If you remember what is called a "slow federal reaction" to Hurricane Katrina, don't forget who caused the slow reaction -- Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin and a Democrat Governor (neither of whom seemed to have enough sense to poor pee out of a boot).
Jackj writes on the Republicans & Conservatives blog, "I would like to chastise the Republicans, but not at the price of electing Dems. The Dems did not improve during their time in the wilderness. On the contrary, they seemed to have moved left and become even more squishy." I agree! I would like to chastise the Republicans, too. BUT, certainly not at the price of electing liberals -- especially from the Democratic party. My childrendeserve better as they enter adulthood and start families of their own. Don't yours?

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