Saturday, November 11, 2006

TOPIC: Veterans Day
Today we celebrate the veterans who have served these great United States of America for more than two centuries. Men and women from every ancestry have joined the armed forces and given their time, energy, intelligence and even their lives in the name of Old Glory, the Union, Democracy and FREEDOM.
Their service and sacrifices must be recognized and honored -- with respect and not just a passing thought. Whether we agree with a particular conflict, battle or armed movement, we MUST support our troops. For without them, we could not enjoy the freedoms we continually take for granted.
From Doolittle Raiders, to the Green Berets, to the 82nd Airborne, to the Rangers, to the Navy Seals -- the American military is, at times, all that stands between the forces of tyranny and the rich freedom of the United States of America. My God bless the American soldier!

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