Friday, November 17, 2006

TOPIC: Tornado hits Riegelwood, North Carolina
At least eight people were confirmed dead... 20+ injured (including children)

At least eight people were confirmed dead after a tornado tore through a tiny North Carolina town early Thursday as severe thunderstorms battered the southeast for a second day, leaving thousands without power and at least 12 storm-related deaths. Reports say 30-40 homes were destroyed -- displacing approximately 100 people. I have seen pictures of overturned cars, trucks and even a tractor-trailer. Mobile homes and brick homes were both "blown apart" by the F3-F4 tornado.
Twelve people are still hospitalized this morning; four of whom are children. Tragically, a 29 yr old Acme-Delco firefighter is among the dead. His mother and father were also killed, leaving his preschool age daughter alone. has a pretty detailed article on the aftermath of the storms. By the way, Riegelwood is 30 minutes east of me (in the same county). Needless to say, yesterday was a wild ride in our area.

Please pray for the families and lost loved ones in rural North Carolina. If you can assist with donations -- most families lost everything -- contact the American Red Cross. Remember, you NEVER know what day will be your last on this Earth. Give your life to Jesus and live eternally.

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Anonymous said...

Charlie, Thank you for your message on the Riegelwood Tornado. My cousin was Timothy Carl Mai, his wife Mary Ann Mai and son Michael Browne (Fire Fighter) were all killed. Michael's daughter Cheyanne is recovering and will be okay. Today they had the funerals. I wasn't able to attend. But I did see the after math with my own eyes. I was in Lumberton from Friday night through Monday morning. No words could possibly describe what my eyes have seen. Nor my heart express losing so many loved ones in one tragic moment. - Ivana (Allentown, PA)