Wednesday, November 22, 2006

TOPIC: Evolution vs. Creation
The problem with the religion of evolution is that it takes TOO MUCH faith to believe it. The laws of evolution are NOT even kept BY evolution. It takes more will power and faith in "nothing" to believe evolutionary theory than it does to SEE the creation and design in the ordered -- and created -- world. Evolutionary poster boy Huxley admitted that evolution was latched on to by it protagonists mainly to prop up sexual mores. He was so right -- people delude themselves with the religion of evolution for the purpose of not being responsible for their moral choices (including, but not limited to, sexual behavior).
Lastly, science is continually evolving and making claims that were once thought incorrect. How can anyone believe that science has proven evolution when science is continually changing its mind on the answers to basic questions?
A discussion on the topic of Evolution vs. Creation (or rather religion) is currently happening on ScienceBlogs. The original post states, in part, "... let's assume that by "anti-evolution movement", Brayton is thinking of some conglomeration of organizations like the Discovery Institute, Answers in Genesis, and the Institute for Creation Research (forgetting for a moment that not all of these organizations share the same goals, and that some of them, like the DI and AiG, have actually criticized each other)..."
One reader replied,
"Of course, the main thing they have in common is that they dislike evolutionary theory and spend most of their time, money and effort trying to undermine it. Which is why Ed used the term "anti-evolution movement".
My reply, though somewhat curt, emphasizes my point of view:
"OF COURSE the organizations mentioned spend "most of their time, money and effort" showing the false doctrine of evolution. That IS one of their purposes! They don't simply dislike evolutionary dogma, they offer proof of its fallacies- in the face of a scientific community too deeply invested in the lie to change directions and tell the truth now. AiG, ICR, DI, Behe, Strobel, Morris and Ham are breaths of fresh air in the smoggy world of nonsense put forth by the 'anti-creation movement'.
IF you are a true thinker, you _must_ see the insurmountable problems with faith in evolution. To simply believe, without irreducible proof, is to be a fool. Evolution cannot offer such proof. Creation already has."
There is MUCH MORE on this topic -- currently being discussed on the Internet. I strongly encourage you to join the conversation -- no matter which side you're on.
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