Sunday, November 19, 2006

TOPIC: And a Child Shall Lead Them-Maybe
Woodrow Kroll and his friend Tony Beckett, offer excellent devotions that are quoted here on The Sope-Bocks quite often. Here's one that fit me spiritually and intellectually, as well as career-wise. Kroll writes,

I started using computers before my daughter was born, and therein lies the difference. While I have learned, she has always lived with computers. There has never been a time in her life when a computer wasn't in the house. Using electronic gadgets seems to come easier for her than learning to ride a bike! When she has my cell phone, I wince, wondering how it might be reprogrammed before she returns it. I keep my PDA out of her sight, just in case.
Then comes the time when, looking over my shoulder, she says, 'Dad, you need to . . . ' You know, it can be hard to take instruction from a preteen, especially about something that you have been doing before she came on the scene and especially when she is right. There is something challenging about saying, 'You're right, child of mine.' You can't do it without either being humiliated or without being humble enough to listen.
The same is true about the Word of God. We sometimes fail to learn from what it says because we are not humble enough to listen. That is why James says, 'receive with meekness the implanted word,' which means that a person must have the right kind of attitude to accept the Word. The proud person does not receive any instruction well.
Pride can keep a father from listening to his daughter. It also can keep you and me from listening to the Word. The result from the first refusal might be having to learn the lesson the hard way-- and that may well be the result of refusing to listen to God's Word too.

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