Monday, October 09, 2006

TOPIC: The World Changed Yesterday
Whether you noticed it or not, the world changed last night. We have entered a new age of possible... no, probable nuclear war. The old "Cold War" between the US and the Soviet Union has not heated up again. There is a new player in the nuclear club -- one that means to use its weapons to destroy other nations and people -- North Korea. While most of us go about our daily routines today, behind the scenes world leaders are scrambling to head off a nuclear showdown that is sure to come if Pyongyang continues along its present course. The North Koreans conducted an underground nuclear arms test, near Hwaderi, last night around 9:00pm ET.
The 550 ton TNT equivalent test, while quite small, has been confirmed as a nuclear test by South Korea and other nations. We already know North Korea has the mechanism for delivering a nuclear bomb to other countries. Now, all that remains is for their rogue leader, Kim Jong Il, to decide where he wants to point his burgeoning nuclear arsenal. Yes, the world changed last night. I'm sure it was NOT for the better, though.

If you want to learn more about the test,
and efforts to thwart North Korea's asperations of
becoming a nuclear power, read the ABC News article linked here.

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