Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TOPIC: My New Newz Blog...
The Sope-Bocks was created as a means of posting relevant information, along with the ramblings of a "kooky conservative" that lead the reader to THINK for themselves. Of late, The Sope-Bocks has become more of a news blog. The truth is -- I keep finding excellent news items that I want to post. Since I try to keep The Sope-Bocks limited to no more than two posts per day, I seldom find any room for personal views, editorial ramblings or responses to your comments.
Therefore, The Sope-Bocks now has a sister blog. It's title is simple, as is the message:
Previews, Newz and Reviews. The subtitle or description aptly represents the purpose for PNR: "Current News, Technology, Previews, Politics, World Views, Photography -- It's all on NewzReviews!" I sincerely hope you enjoy both The Sope-Bocks and Previews, Newz and Reviews. They are here to entertain, enlighten and provoke THOUGHT (and action).

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