Sunday, October 22, 2006

TOPIC: I Finally Took a Bite From the Apple
In the scheme of technology things, I would be considered an early adopter. However, I must admit that I am late bloomer when it comes to the Apple iPod. Our music library has consisted of MP3 files for going on 5 years. But, we always listened to MP3's on our respective computers -- or via my laptop. After handing down my portable CD player to the kids, I bought MP3 players for my darling wife and me. She has a 1Gb Creative Zen Nano Plus. I have a small 256Mb RCA Lyra (upgraded to 512Mb). I don't use my player often -- mostly because I have the MP3's on my home computer, my work computer and my laptop. In the car, I have XMRadio, too. SO, there wasn't really a need for a large capacity, fancy MP3 player. That is, until two weeks ago.
As regular readers know, I am studying for my Microsoft MCSA certification. Upon finding that downloads of books, presentations and even seminars were available via podcasts or audio, my mind started reeling. The 45 minute drive home each night could potentially become a quiet, peaceful learning environment. The 25 minute drive to work (after dropping the kids off at school) could be a review session for the upcoming exams. WOW! OK, I'm not THAT excited about studying for the MCSA. But, the idea of being able to listen to audio books, music, seminars, podcasts, speeches, comedy, teachings and sermons is blowing my mind.
A coworker showed me his iPod Shuffleicon, which I thought was pretty cool. After researching the varying models (from all brands), features and pricing, I chose an Apple 4G 20Gb Color iPod. It should arrive any day now. Last night, an order for nicer headphones, a soft case, a hard case and an FM Transmitter were added to ye olde Visa card.
What will be the first thing loaded on my iPod? Well, BiblePlayer will certainly be one of the first few items loaded, along with some iPodHacks -- and my collection of a hundred of so CDs and MP3s, of course. I also plan to vist PodcastAlley and the other podcasting sites to find feeds for my 4G iPod. By this time next week, I'll feel like a new geek -- even though millions of other people have been iPodding for years already. Maybe I'll get to upgrade to one of these futuristic iPod ideas next year. Oh well, at least I finally took a bite from the Apple! HAHA!

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Tim said...

As a fellow Christian, IT professional, and amateur photographer, I can tell you that you will really enjoy your iPod. I've had one for a while and I listen to various podcasts every day on my one hour commute to and from work. You'll be amazed at all of the good stuff out there that you can subscribe to. Some of the things I'm subscribed to include Man in the Mirror, Focus on the Family, Every Man's Battle, and Engadget. Enjoy!