Saturday, October 07, 2006

TOPIC: Former Muslim Shares Astounding Christian Testimony
Inshana Jones, a former Muslim, will showcase her own fashion label, ‘Saviour Clothing’, at the Northern Christian Resources Exhibition later this month. The 22-year-old, now a Christian, recently gave her testimony on how her once appalling life has changed since she fled from her bedroom six years ago.
At the age of 16, Inshana was forced to marry her 49-year-old cousin. But on the eve of their wedding, her aunt snuck her out and helped her build a new life. “My parents divorced when I was 10,” she recalls. “This was seen as a great shame and dishonour to my family. My uncles arranged for me to marry my cousin to restore my family’s honour. It was an enforced marriage and I was rescued by an aunt who was a Christian. I climbed out of my bedroom window, to embark on a new life in Manchester - with a new name and identity.
After moving in with her aunt, Inshana chose a new name. “I made up a name - Inshana. It was the first thing I had ever chosen on my own. It felt wonderful,” she said. With financial help from her aunt, Inshana enrolled on a fashion course at the local college and started socialising with other teenagers. Now Inshana, who studied for a fashion degree at Salford University, has designed a range of clothes communicating that "Jesus is relevant to the 21st century and Christianity is fresh and exciting."
She believes creativity is a gift from God and wants to design clothes "that honour him". Her hope is that Saviour Clothing becomes an established Christian brand, much the same as mainstream fashion brands.My inspiration can come from things you wouldn’t necessarily connect with Christianity,” she explains. “I pray if I feel stuck. I often feel full of inspiration after reading a particularly encouraging piece of Scripture.
Alongside Inshana’s t-shirts, a collection of vestments, choir gowns and Christian urban and skater wear will be on display at Faith ‘n’ Fashion, a unique catwalk show on the first day of the Northern CRE.

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