Tuesday, October 03, 2006

TOPIC: Amish School Update: Two More Girls Have Died
Charles Roberts' murderous rampage in an Amish school yesterday has claimed two more victims. Two more of the eleven young girls who were bound and shot in the head, execution style, have died this morning. That's brings the total dead to six, including Roberts.
Please forgive me for what I am about to write... I realize we are all sinners, but I hope that bastard burns in Hell's hottest pit! What he did was so far beyond any logic, reason or humanity. A grudge for something that happened TWENTY YEARS ago cannot be anywhere near an acceptable reason for murdering little girls at a school house. It's incomprehensible!
When are we going to realize that what goes into our minds through our eyes and ears WILL COME OUT?!? I bet this guy had a penchant for pornography (kiddie porn & "barely legal") on the Internet -- and was a very angry person on the outside, too. We already know his mood had "turned darker" over the last few months. I wonder what other warning signs have been there. In his rambling suicide note and the phone call to his wife, Charlie Roberts mentioned that he had molested two younger relatives when he was just twelve years old. He also said that he had been "dreaming" about molesting more little girls lately. His desire to sexually molest young girls was apparently part of the motive to go to the Amish school just down the road from his home. After all, police found KY Jelly among the items Roberts took the to the schoolhouse.
The KY Jelly wasn't there to keep his hands soft or lube the door hinges. It is pretty clear that Roberts planned to barricade himself inside with just the children -- and molest them before committing suicide. Charlie Roberts was seeking revenge against God for the death of his newborn daughter (Elise) three years ago AND fulfilling his sick fantasies -- by molesting and killing the young Christian girls.
Add to his victims, the three children he left behind -- to question why their Dad (who supposedly was a good father to them) murdered five young girls and then committed suicide. They will have an extremely difficult life -- the torture of the TV images, the taunting of classmates/friends, the stares, jeers and harsh words they are sure to encounter. Marie Roberts, the gunman's wife, released a statement Monday night to the media saying: "The man who did this today is not the Charlie that I've been married to for almost 10 years. My husband is loving, supportive, thoughtful, all the things you'd always want and more…. Our hearts are broken, our lives are shattered, and we grieve for the innocence and lives that were lost today."
The Amish community has been torn from its innocence. They have been on their knees overnight. We all need to follow their lead -- confessing our sins and turning away from the violence we perpetuate on a daily basis. We need to call for the return of morality in public school systems. Shoving God out of the schools has largely created the problem. Now, only He can fix it through the working of His people in teaching a strong moral code and respect for others.

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