Monday, September 11, 2006

TOPIC:September 11th
Today is a somber occasion. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know what 9/11 (or 9-11) means to Americans from ALL walks of life. It was the day that America was attacked by terrorists, on our own soil. We lost almost 3,000 lives that day -- fathers, sons, wives, daughters and children.
Many people died that Monday morning. More are sick and dying now -- from airborne related illnesses, infection, cancer and poisoning caused by the after-effects of the attacks.
One group chose to die rather than allowing their hijacked plane to become a missile headed for the White House or Capital. Firefighters, policemen and ordinary citizens ran into harm's way in order to save others. Hundreds of those folks lost their lives in a heroic effort to help people they didn't know.
It was a horrible moment in time. It was also a time that defined heroism and self-sacrifice.
I was supposed to be in New York City that day, for a business and pleasure trip. Thankfully, certain events changed my plans and I didn't have to go to New York that weekend. I thank God I wasn't there -- wasn't in one of those airplanes or on the ground in Manhattan.
Rather that further pontificate about the fifth anniversary of the al-Qaeda attacks, I'd like to offer a few pictures and links to sites commermorating this day in history. Here are a few noteworthy links:

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