Sunday, September 17, 2006

TOPIC: Violent Irony
I'm sitting here watching SpikeTV this Sunday afternoon. The TV was left on Spike after two episodes of Star Trek:TNG. "Video Justice, crime caught on tape" #1 and #2 were just on. How ironic that VJ talked about the violence of criminals, as though its source is not understood. Throughout the program were commercials showing The Russian Specialist -- a very violent movie, along with commercials for The Ultimate Fighter 4 -- an extreme fighting, pseudo-reality show.
It's ironic that the producers on SpikeTV offer a show that reports on violence as a serious topic -- including the ramifications of the crimes committed. Then, they show commercials of Dolph Lungren shooting people while the dub-over asks, "What's he specialize in?" Second voice sarcastically says, "Killing people, I guess".
On one hand, SpikeTV shows how serious crime is through the lens of video cameras. On the other hand, SpikeTV touts television shows, movies and games that are extremely violent -- as though the two have nothing to do with each other. Sickening!
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