Thursday, September 28, 2006

TOPIC: Taxation Without Representation!
I think we need a flat tax system... or some other reformed evaluation system for taxes.
This repeated taxation is absurd. Recently, my wife and I purchased a new Pontiac SV6 van. We had just paid the taxes on our old van ('03 Grand Caravan traded in). We had to pay sales tax on the new van. Then, we had to pay the taxes on the license tags for the new van. Soon, we will pay property taxes on the same van. In all, we will be taxed FOUR TIMES for the purchase and use of our vehicle. That is ludicrous!
If you make money, you pay taxes on your income. When you spend money, you pay taxes on the product/service purchased. If you save or invest money, you pay taxes on any earned interest. If you die, but didn't jump through hoops to distribute your money, your family pays taxes on their inheritance.
No wonder the Boston Tea Party occurred. Taxation without representation is now the law of the land. Worse yet, there is infinite waste of our tax dollars in Washington -- on BOTH side of the aisle.

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