Monday, September 25, 2006

TOPIC: How many MPG does your primary vehicle get?
More than 50 mpg (less than 4.70 L/100km) 1%
40-50 mpg (4.70-5.88 L/100km) 2%
30-40 mpg (5.88-7.84 L/100km) 14%
20-30 mpg (7.84-11.76 L/100km) 45%
15-20 mpg (11.76 - 15.68 L/100km) 24%
15 mpg (11.76 - 23.52 L/100km) or less 10%
Do not know/Not Applicable 1%
Total votes: 30753
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I wonder if this is a representative sampling of all US vehicle owners. I would venture a guess that it is. If so, then we are finally buying more fuel efficient vehicles. That's the good news. The disappointing statistic is that 34% (10,456) of vehicle owners polled still have automobiles and SUVs that get less than 20mpg.
Folks, Venezuela is becoming an arch enemy of the US, yet we still buy more than one million barrels of oil a day from that rogue state. Isnt' it time to change both our driving habits AND our vehicles? Those Excursions, Expeditions, F350s, Hummers and other gas guzzling behemoths need to be parked in leiu of more fuel efficient (not to mention safer for everyone around) vehciles. Don't just think this one over, folks. It's past time to ACT!
At the very least, we all need to make sure our vehicle's engine is tuned, our tires are properly inflated and the filters are clean. Those things can result in as much as an 8% increase in gas mileage -- saving ALL of us dollars and the earth from more environmental problems.

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