Friday, September 22, 2006

TOPIC: Experts Say "Tie Doctors' Pay to Quality"
As a hospital employee, I was very glad to see the following article on
Anyone who makes a living in sales knows about incentives: The better you do your job, the more money you earn. But chances are your doctor has never encountered that equation. He or she probably gets paid for whatever tests, diagnoses, or treatments are delivered, regardless of whether they are the right ones.
That could soon change, if a growing number of policy makers get their way. Increasingly, economists, researchers, and federal health officials are getting behind the idea of tying doctors' fees to how effectively and efficiently they do their jobs, and how well the care they deliver adheres to the best scientific data. Some private health companies have already begun offering doctors incentives for closely following standards in treating ailments like heart disease or diabetes.
This is great news! For at least three decades, physicians have pretty much had the attitude that they deserve to be rich; that YOU must wait on them and that they are superior to everyone with whom they work. [I know the last one first hand as I have dealt w/ doctors off & on for almost two decades now.]
While this is a stereotypical characterization, it is true of a large part of the M.D. population. Medicare and insurance companies should force doctors to actually perform better in order to get paid. Welcome news!
Read the entire article here.

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