Friday, September 15, 2006

TOPIC: The Browser Wars
George Jones (no, not that one) and Valerie Potter of InformationWeek published an excellent article on the ongoing saga of Internet browser wars. Here's an excerpt and a link to the entire article: "Ever since Netscape took on Mosaic in 1994, companies have been duking it out for domination in the browser marketplace. We relive the biggest and best of the great browser battles."
FWIW, I definitely disagree with Mr. Jones and Ms. Potter on the winner of Round 4. IF Netscape had not won that round, it would not have been a multi-million dollar company offering a completely free browser. Netscape clearly won the Round 4 battle.
Also, in my opinion, Firefox won Round 5. IW's assessment: "The Winner: Depends on how you measure it: Firefox leads in features and security, but IE still commands the lion's share of the market." If IE had won, Firefox would be relegated to a very small and singularly interested group of Linux enthusiasts. Instead, Firefox now commands at least 8% of the browser market, with more people switching or casually using Firefox every day.

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