Sunday, August 20, 2006

TOPIC: Sexual Purity
I have been blessed so many times by the devotion on the Back To The Bible website -- those offered by Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett through the Faith Walk book. Today's devotion is no different. It is very poignant -- especially at this time in my life -- the father of a beautiful thirteen year old girl, a gorgeous nine year old girl and a dashingly handsome six year old boy. The topic is sexual purity -- something that has become an object of discussion in our home for the past two years.
Primarily, my wife and I talk with our 13 year old daughter. Thankfully, she has chosen her friends well. Therefore, she has not been under peer pressure to become sexually active. Her "boyfriend" is a good Christian kid who knows his Dad and me would ring his neck if he made untoward advances to my daughter. :-) In all seriousness, if you're struggling with sexual purity, then read & re-read the following devotion. It is important to remain pure -- until marriage and into your marriage. This is NOT a gray area of morality... The verses from Paul's writings are: 1 Corinthians 7:2-3.
In a world of extremes, Paul brings balance. He addresses in this chapter one of the significant subjects of life- SEX. In a few verses, he details for us what God intends in regard to this topic.
Abstinence is God's will for the unmarried. Paul, who was himself single, did not view singleness negatively, but he did view sexual immorality that way.
Believers should not be in a hurry to marry according to verse 1. In the marital relationship each partner is to meet the needs of the other. It is not a one-sided arrangement. The only limitation is this: sex is reserved for the married. God puts no limitations on a husband and wife. The only exception is when a couple mutually agrees to a limited time of celibacy for the purpose of devoting themselves to a concentrated time of prayer.
We need to realize that singleness is not wrong, nor is the single person "second class" in any respect. In regard to sex, however, the single person must live according to God's standard of abstinence. That is contrary to the ways of our society but it conforms to the will of God. For the married, God has given clear instruction. Sex within marriage is good. Keep it there. That is His will.
The Word of God is clear regarding sexual purity. We need to be just as clear in our commitment to it. If you are single, ask God to help you maintain a life of abstinence. If you are married, ask God to make your relationship with your spouse one of fulfillment and blessing.
If you're a 'tween or teen reading The Sope-Bocks, remember something VERY important = Everyone is NOT doing it. Statistics show that only 52% of teens are sexually active. While that is 52% too many, it goes to show YOU that HALF of teens in this country are NOT sexually active. I dare say that many who are considering becoming active would not IF they knew that more of their friends were abstaining from sex until marriage.
One more thing -- oral sex IS sex. There is NO in between. If you're engaging in oral sex, you ARE sexually active. Abstinence is NOT engaging in a sexual act or becoming physically intimate in ANY way.
BE A LEADER! Virginity is not only cool, but it is God's will for YOU right now. Wait until marriage -- Statistics also show that people who wait have more fulfilling sex lives; and stay married at a higher rate than those who are sexually active prior to marriage. THINK it over -- and talk to your parents or pastor or youth leader. Heck, send me a comment and I'll gladly talk it over with you. Just don't fall to peer pressure! You will regret it... and the cost could be your life.

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