Saturday, August 19, 2006

TOPIC: Primary Evidence From "The Nutty Professor"?
A great article on Tabloid Baby says, Legendary Florida investigative reporter Bob Norman had the link on his essential Daily Pulp site yesterday. We’ve sat back to see who else ran with the lead, and as far as we know, no one has, so head to the article:
“This isn't the first time Colorado University Professor Michael Tracey has caused a stir by fingering a “prime suspect” in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case — only to be proved wrong.
In 2004, Tracey, a British expatriate journalism professor and documentarian, produced a film about the Ramsey murder that aired on British television but not in the United States. By then, however, Tracey was already considered a notorious developer of false leads by a large group of Internet sleuths who congregated at Forums for Justice, a website started by a radio disc jockey named Tricia Griffith.
"If you know the case and you watch Tracey's documentaries, they're filled with blatant lies. It's so easily proven," Griffith says.
The Rocky Mountain News has a fantastic article on the relationship between Michael Tracey and John Mark Karr -- including several excerpts from their letters/email to each other.

On another note: Several blogs have now picked up on my initial postings regarding the PowerWurks links to *a* John Karr -- and UseNet postings that may link them to *the* John Mark Karr. Not that I care about notoriety, but it would have been nice of those folks to mention they got their info from The Sope-Bocks blog. :-)

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