Friday, August 18, 2006

TOPIC: The John / John Media Circus...
More and more information is being tossed about in the investigation concerning JonBenet Ramsey's murder. John Mark Karr says he did it. Open and shut case, right? WRONG. In the eyes of many, the guy is a pedophile fruitcake. In the eyes of some, John Ramsey is still the most likely killer of the six year old beauty queen. John Karr may have been correct when it said, "It is not as it seems to be."
The man who actually provided the evidence that lead to the arrest of John Karr is University of Colorado professor and documentarian, Michael Tracey. Tracey, a longtime critic of JonBenét media coverage, hooked up with Karr via e-mail and got information that many believe led to Karr's arrest in Bangkok on Wednesday. "There was one particular thing that made me decide (to go to authorities)," Tracey said Thursday before District Attorney Mary Lacy met the press. "I'm not going to say what." One fact in one e-mail among years and hundreds of pieces of correspondence. Tracey isn't one to rush to judgement, though. In his own words, Karr may be "a wing nut." He added, "Obviously, I went to the district attorney for a reason, but let him have his day in court and let JonBenet have her day in court and let's see how it plays out." In another interview Tracey said, "I was kind of pleased when I heard he'd been arrested." Then, the professor quickly added, "I don't know if he's guilty or not."
Emails released to news reporters last night show a disturbed man offering loving lament for JonBenet. Those emails supposedly, written by John Karr, and sent to Michael Tracey.
"It's clear to me that he's somewhat interested or maybe even obsessed by the case and the real question is whether he's inserting himself into it for some obscure psychological reason," said author Carlton Smith, who wrote 1997's "Death of a Little Princess: The Tragic Story of the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey."
District Attorney Lacy refused to say whether authorities have evidence linking Karr to JonBenet's death at her Boulder home on Dec. 26, 1996. "We should all heed the poignant advice of John Ramsey," said Lacy, quoting the girl's father. "Do not jump to conclusions, do not rush to judgment, do not speculate. Let the justice system take its course."
Sharon Davies, a former prosecutor at the Ohio State University law school, offered an explanation for John Karr's almost immediate confession to the murder, "He seemed convinced that what he said would make him guilty of a lesser crime." Meanwhile, legal experts said DNA evidence will likely be key: DNA was found beneath JonBenet's fingernails and inside her underwear, and authorities have never said whether it matches anyone in an FBI database.
John Mark Karr was given a mouth-swab DNA test in Bangkok, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. The results of that test were not known. Karr will be given another DNA test when he returns to the United States in the next several days, the official said.
Asked if authorities could tell whether Karr had firsthand knowledge of the murder or had just picked up information from news accounts, Lin Wood, the Ramseys' longtime attorney, said: "There is information about the murder that has never been publicly disclosed." He did not elaborate.
However, there are LARGE holes in Karr's confession and questions about whether he's truly been arrested or is just being deported. Still, the media circus did not take long to reassemble across from the Boulder justice center. Dozens of journalists gathered to hear Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy say she couldn't say anything. Lacy was VERY careful not to say too much -- which leads me to believe media reports offered as fact are more speculation (drawn conclusions) than truth.
As can be expected, John Ramsey is keeping his head low. He doesn't want to say much... and he shouldn't. Many still believe he is the person who sexually assaulted and then strangled little JonBenet. Two burning questions (in my book) are -- How did the family NOT find JonBenet before they called the police? After all, the house is NOT that huge. Second, isn't it extremely suspicious that he basically went right to the body AND moved it shortly after the police arrived to search the home? The human psyche is an amazing thing. My POV says he went to the body because he either knew where she was -- or placed her there himself.
It's sad -- SO sad -- but the media circus will continue. DO NOT believe everything you hear reported. Most of the media outlets feed off one another -- without verifying what they are saying. I'll do MY level best to provide only established fact -- OR state speculation as such when posted on the Sope-Bocks. One thing is for certain -- guilty or not, we need to keep John Ramsey and his family, along with John Mark Karr and his family, along with the lasw enforcement officials in our prayers. Above all, justice should be served.
[Some info sourced from The Denver Post, the AP &]


Anonymous said...

Johm Ramsey DID not go "right to the body AND moved it shortly after the police arrived to search the home". The police DID NOT SEARCH THE HOUSE, and they told Ramsey to do it after HOURS had passed.

First you say the house isn't big, then you say he went right to the body, and that's suspicious? Where the hell was he supposed to go, to the other rooms that he had already been in that day?

Charlie said...

My comment about the size of the house was that it wasn't so huge the famiy could not have searched every inch of it within the several hours before the police arrived. My comment about John Ramsey going to the body is pretty close. Once the police and Mr. White (the guest) fanned out to search the house again, John Ramsey went to the basement and returned with JonBenet's body. No matter how long they had searched, the mere fact that Ramsey moved his daughter from where she was killed is suspicious -- to me and many others. Maybe it was a father's grief. I'm not sure. THANKS for your comments.

piknik said...

> John Karr & PowerWurks -- Is this the right John Karr?

One of the old PowerWuks messages I saw was from his wife Lara ... it was short ... but she seemed to believe in the whole idea of an organization to help children. Unfortunately I did not save it.

Here is a copy of another more disturbing messages from John KARR that I did save ...
--- > Sex / Legal Age To Consent

From: (PowerWurks)
Subject: Sex / Legal Age To Consent
Date: 1996/02/06
Message-ID: <4f7ckk$>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 138151669
organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)

The legal age to consent to sex, in many states of the U.S., ranges from
14 to 16. Do you think the age should be raised or lowered & why?

Or send an e-mail to


Also you said you had not heard anything about the 3 KARR sons. They still live in Petaluma, CA.

One of the younger sons is named "Seven Exodus KARR" ...
& yes that is Seven & not Steven!

The oldest son is a teenager who was named after his father ...
"John Mark KARR, II" is in a heavy metal music band.
They were featured on this webpage, that has since been altered ...

He used to have a public webpage, but has since made it private.
Earlier it had a message that said ...
""Media stop messaging me seriously it is harrasment right now!".

It now has the this message with a hatchet as the mouse cursor ...
"Love is a great thing!...its also confusing and hurtful".

Here is one of the son's messages ...
John Mark Karr II. 7/17/2006 7:31 PM my band started it, then i told my
little brother Seven, then he told his friend, and then i noticed alot of my friends ...

I think this is a picture of Junior ...