Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TOPIC: Moronic Morning Musings...
Have you listened to the morning radio jocks on FM radio lately? I don't normally go through the stations during my 45 minutes commute to work each day. Most days, the radio is set on a regional Christian music network that is commercial-free and user-supported. However, this morning I decided to spin the dial and see what else was playing. It just so happens that FM radio frequency propogation was great, so I heard stations from Raleigh, NC to Charlotte, NC to Florence and Myrtle Beach, SC.
If you listen to morning radio, you're not likely to see things the way I do -- as you are used to the musing of the jocks. Since I seldom listen to commercial radio, I am not used to hearing commercials or blathering radio personalities on the air. I was truly surprised by what I heard. To use the term "moronic" is to be generous. The local hip-hop station had some "playa" who wrote about book telling black men how to successfully cheat on their women (blackmencheat.com). The local yahoo Southern station has a bunch of hillbilly-sounding rednecks yucking it up over ignorant jokes that were funny to them alone. The local NPR station was bashing George W. Bush as hard as they could go (no surprise there).
As I continued to spin the dial, I ran across talk radio stations with egotists telling everyone what they should think about various topics. Other jocks argued on air (good-natured) about current events; made fun of celebrities; bashed government and generally offered a bunch of nonsense ramblings -- like what they think makes a difference to anyone listening.
Gosh, I feel empathy for people listening to this crap every day. No wonder so many people walk around mad, disenfranchised or bewildered all day -- especially those who are in their vehicles long hours as part of their job. What an awful way to spend the day -- listening to this drivel.
I hope each of you will THINK about what you hear. Remember, GIGO -- garbage in; garbage out. What you take into your mind will come out -- one way or another! There's a song I learned as a child... Part of it goes like this, "Oh, be careful little ears what you hear... oh, be careful little ears what you hear... For the Father Up above... is looking down in His love... So be careful little ears what you hear..."

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