Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TOPIC: America, A Murderous Culture?
Seattle Washington -- Nine people murdered in as many days. Washington, D.C. -- Labeled a "crime emergency". Indiana -- A 17-year old shooting people randomly. Anytown, USA -- Robbery, Assault and Murder. Hometown College, USA -- Date rape, Vandalism, Burglary. Is America becoming a truly murderous culture?
If you watch the nightly TV faire, it would not be much of a stretch to surmize that Americans have a blood lust for violence and crime -- especially the heinous crime of murder. Read the newspaper in any metropolitan area... watch the regional six o'clock news on many suburban neighborhoods... visit your local movie theater... the theme is the same -- people are angry, violent and uncompassionate toward their fellow man. Our so-called entertainment industry is rife with violent images -- yet, we call it "entertainment". Consider... Monday Night RAW, the NWO, the WWF -- all full of evil-looking (and acting) steroid-morphed monsters screaming murderous threats at each other. YouTube, iFilm, RottenTomatoes and Squizzle -- squeal with delight as they offer up video clips of violent acts, people dying and serious injuries for laughs. The local theatre shows Saw, Hostel, When a Stranger Calls and other such horror films -- and we pay millions to sit through the blood-letting. Again, we call it "entertainment".
What kind of people are we? What are we becoming? Why would ANY of us call these things entertainment? This is sickening to think about, but we MUST consider what we view, how we act, what we say and how we project future events. If we don't soon turn our backs on this violence -- and return to compassion for one another -- we will truly become the murderous mob we're made out to be in the eyes of Hollywood.

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