Monday, July 17, 2006

OnThisDay: July 17
1775 - First military hospital approved.
1861 - Congress authorizes paper money.
1945 - President Harry S. Truman, Soviet leader Josef Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill began meeting at Potsdam in the final Allied summit of World War II.
1955 - Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California.
1990 - Saddam Hussein's Revolutionary Day speech claims Kuwait stole oil from Iraq.
1993 - The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is invented at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications in 1993. This advancement enables a web browser to request data from a program executed on a web server. CGI moves the web from a reading and viewing mechanism to a truly interactive experience.
1997 - Woolworth Corp. closed its last 400 five-and-dime stores, laying off 9,200 employees.

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