Monday, May 08, 2006

TOPIC: A tribute to my brother, Steven
Steven was born in North Carolina on May 8, 1967. He was more than any brother could ask for -- fun, loving, cheerful, and giving. I was his older brother. Steven was a good child, with a decidedly mischeivous nature. He obeyed our parents, for the most part, yet had his own "spirit" and determination. He was handsome and smart -- with a personality that everyone who knew him, loved. He would have turned 39 years old -- a middle-aged man -- today.
Unfortunately, I write in the past tense because Steven is no longer with us. He was hit by a car (and killed instantly) while attending a friend's birthday party on September 24, 1974. Steven was just 7 years old. While it is hard to remember many small details about my little brother, I do remember what a great kid he was.
My life changed that day in 1974. Some things have never gotten back to "normal". Others have. Steven was my only brother. He was my best friend. I know he rests with God in Heaven today. I look forward to seeing him again some day.
Happy (would-be) Birthday Steven!
You may be gone, but you are NOT forgotten!

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