Saturday, May 06, 2006

TOPIC: Psssst, We're Snake Keepers
Does that sound odd to ya? It would have to me several months ago. After all, we're a family of conservative professionals -- living in rural NC. And, aren't all those "snake people" weirdos with tatoos, mohawks and goth-wear?
NAH! In fact, me and the kids attended the Carolina Reptiles and Exotic Animals Show in Raleigh earlier today. We already had one corn snake as a pet (along with other animals). Today, we got into the "snake keeper" thing BIG time! My son got a black/white banded California king snake for his birthday (next month). My youngest daughter got a baby "normal" corn snake as her very own pet. And I acquired a male, yearling ball python of my very own. VERY COOL!
Now, we have four vivariums housing the four non-venomous snakes. To make sure we learn all we can about our new pets, I joined -- one of the foremost websites for herp lovers. A couple other good forums for snakes, lizards, turtles, etc. are: and Check 'em out. ENJOY!

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