Wednesday, February 22, 2006

After doing more research -- and hearing more from the talking heads on TV -- I have learned more about the Dubai Ports World deal for six American ports. First, DPW isn't *buying* the ports, nor are they going to completely control the ports. By purchasing P&O, DP World will have the rights to move up to 30% of the freight brought in through the six American ports. Second, security of the ports will not be transferred to Dubai Ports World. That function will remain as it always has been -- in the hands of the US Coast Guard and US Customs Service. Third, the UAE has publicly disavowed terrorism. The Dubai government has also given approximately $100 million to "the war on terrorism". Lastly, other foreign governments have been "in charge" of some American ports for several years now. Knowing what we know now -- Is the port takeover acceptable?
The answer is NO! Why? Well, let's take the four points above and briefly dissect them. First, having an Arab country control even thirty percent of the freight at SIX major American ports -- along with equipment, employees and infrastructure -- is dangerous. Second, the government and military do a great job, BUT they have a hard enough time protecting our shores, cities and citizens without having to worry about personnel and freight being handled by a government that was once deeply entrenched in terrorist activity. Third, even if Dubai has publicly disavowed terrorism, who knows what they are doing in the background -- out of public view. We *know* they have not only funded, but supported terrorism and jihadist organizations in the past -- including the recent past. Lastly, the point about foreign governments having "control" of American ports. This is such a lame point -- Great Britain and other ALLIES have had control at the ports. Never has a government known for terrorist activities been in charge of American infrastructure.
No, I didn't over react. No, I didn't miss the point yesterday -- nor did Michell Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, the Dems, many Republicans and a large percentage of the American population. More knowledge about the deal doesn't change my opinion. It makes me a little better, but not enough to support the President in this endeavor.

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