Monday, February 06, 2006

TOPIC: The US Legal System Gone Wrong...
On a similar note to Saturday's post... Defense attorneys have "evolved" over the years to a dangerous, immoral and illegitimate state. The defense attorneys sole mandate is to assure the defendent gets a fair trial. They are NOT supposed to try, at all costs, to win freedom for a guilty person.
The court system has somehow allowed this practice to become the norm. Every defense attorney I know of does whatever he can (including lie) to get his client off. In doing so, he is betraying himself, his client and society as a whole. A fair trial does NOT mean a verdict of not guilty. It means not allowing the defendent to be railroaded into jail -- regardless of guilt or innocence.
Folks, we all know OJ Simpson is guilty. We all know Michael Jackson is guilty. We all know many of the corporate big whigs who raped us for billions of dollars are guilty. Their attorneys know they are/were guilty. Yet, instead of working to get these people a fair trial, they pulled all kinds of stunts to get their clients off scott-free. THAT IS WRONG! It is NOT the way the legal system, nor the judicial branch, was conceived. Pay attention -- and make your voice heard!

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