Monday, January 23, 2006

TOPIC: Political Correctness at its MOST Absurd Level
This was culled from the Tampa Tribune...
"In recent years, Florida law enforcement agencies have been pondering an unusual question of political correctness: If your officers fire at targets that are black in color, is the agency sending a racist message? Not wanting to take any chances, the Tampa and St. Petersburg police departments, among other law enforcement agencies, have switched to more colorful targets. 'It never was a big issue or a big debate,' said Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy, whose agency switched to blue silhouette targets from black ones two years ago. 'Nowadays, you can never be too sensitive, and we felt that it was the right direction to go.'"
YES, you can be too sensitive Ms. McElroy. How utterly absurd! How can ANY thinking person extrapolate the color of a silhouette target into a racial slur?! Ridiculous. I wonder how much this crap cost the taxpayers of Florida. How will the change to "Smurf blue" targets affect the effectiveness of police officers when they do have to fire their weapons? How long before someone complains about being offended that "Smurf blue" was used? You know, that could lead to police being predudice against cartoons, which might make them shoot kids -- which is about as absurd as black silhouettes (which have been used for decades) being a racial slur.

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